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Multiplayer Brawl

February 10 @ 18:00 - 22:45


Multiplayer Brawl games, at Hareruya Tournament Centre

Formal rules, match points and timing
Players may arrive late and leave early as usual, but – to ensure that we have time for 4 full matches, we will start the first matches at 6pm, or as soon after 6pm as we have a quorum (3 players). 選手は通常通り遅刻して早退しても構いませんが、-フルマッチ4試合分の時間を確保するため、最初の試合は午後6時から、または定足数(3人)が揃い次第、開始します。 You’re very welcome to join us whether you have your own ‘Brawl’ deck or not – we always have plenty of decks to share in both English and Japanese. 自分の「Brawl」デッキを持っている人も持っていない人も大歓迎です。 Cost is 1 ‘booster pack’ (¥350) which is put in to the prize pool, see Prizes. コストは、賞品プールに投入される「ブースターパック」1個(350円)です。

Social Media – ソーシャルメディア

Join our Discord Online Chat for daily MTG chat in English and Japanese, and Twitter for event updates Discordオンラインチャットに参加して英語と日本語で毎日MTGのチャットをしたり、Twitterでイベントの更新情報を得ることができます。 Discord: https://discord.gg/UW94R23 Twitter: Watchwolf-MTG @WatchwolfM Twitter feed is also posted here, at https://watchwolf.net/notices

Formal Match Rules

• Only 1 deck for all matches in the event • No sideboard and only 1 ‘Outside the Game’ card • You may also use a Companion card with your Commander • you must declare OTG and Companion cards before matches start • 4 player matches will be preferred (then 3 player, and finally 2 player) • If 2 player matches are required, they’re played as Best of Three • Matches are 60 minutes plus 1 extra turn for every player remaining (extra turns persists even if a player is subsequently eliminated) • Points – Win: 3 points; Lose: 0 points; Tie: 1 point each ‘Win’ means to have defeated all opponents ‘Lose’ means to be eliminated before the match ends ‘Tie’ means to be still alive when the match ends • Players may join the tournament after it’s begun • At 22:45, any remaining matches will be stopped and scored • Prize giving will follow the tournament’s conclusion


The prize pool is made up of all the booster packs provided by each players’ entry fee, plus carryovers from previous weeks, then divided by 6ths and awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd places as 3/6, 2/6, 1/6 Where places are tied and the prizes can’t be evenly divided, (eg. in a 6 player match, 1st and 2nd places are tied, providing only 5 packs) they’re rounded down, and the remainder carried over to the following week. This is repeated for each slot. Note that we do not vary the formula in an effort to distribute the whole of the prize pool; any remainder from a placing is carried over.

Scoring formula

Score 3 points for a win; 0 points for a loss. 1 point each for a tie. ‘Win’ means to have defeated all opponents ‘Lose’ means to be eliminated before the match ends ‘Tie’ means to be still alive when the match ends This is the system we devised in partnership with Hareruya’s Events Team last year, intended to discourage individual attacks and reward only the most ambitious victory in which all other players are defeated. https://www.hareruyamtg.com/en/events/124612/detail Match pairing prefers unique 4-player matches, but note this is more difficult in smaller groups. Points are awarded for each match played, and the winners are the players with the highest total scores.

Brawl Format

Brawl is a multiplayer Commander variant using 60-card decks from the Standard format. https://magic.wizards.com/en/game-info/gameplay/formats/brawl https://whatsinstandard.com Cost: the cost of an effective Brawl deck starts at around $50, and because it’s a singleton format, it’s very difficult for costs to exceed about $150, so the notorious pay-to-play aspect of MTG is nicely managed.

Covid-19 Precautions

All players are required to comply with the following restrictions, some of which are required by local bye-law, thank you
  • please do not attend if you feel in the least bit unwell in any way
  • disinfect your hands upon entering the building
  • wear a surgical mask for the duration of our games
  • should you need to cough or sneeze normally, please show extra consideration


February 10
18:00 - 22:45
Event Category:


Watchwolf MTG


Hareruya Tournament Centre
3 Chome−12−2, Takadanobaba, Shinjuku City
Tokyo, 169-0075 Japan
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