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Multiplayer Brawl

March 31 @ 18:30 - 22:30


Multiplayer Brawl at Hareruya Tournament Centre

Formal rules and match points  as usual, with new start times and match timing; see below for comments about Rule Zero.

Match Times

  • 6:30 – 7:40
  • 7:45 – 8:55*
  • 9:00 – 10:10
A number of players arrive by late afternoon to play casual matches, but in the event, we now play only 3 matches overall and additional matches are not scored as part of the tournament. Players may play as many or few matches as they like, as usual, but there are no byes. If we have to use a 2-player pairing it is played as best-of-three. All matches are stopped at 70’ when the active player may complete their turn.
* Start times, particularly the second match are approximate, since Hareruya staff sometimes join us for matches after their shift. Likewise, if you’re expecting to play a later match please let us know in Discord #rendezvous-lfg and we’ll endeavor to accommodate, as usual.
You’re very welcome to join us whether you have your own Brawl deck or not – we always have plenty of decks to share in both English and Japanese. 自分の「Brawl」デッキを持っている人も持っていない人も大歓迎です。 Cost is 1 ‘booster pack’ (¥350) from Standard which is put in to the prize pool, see Prizes.
The fee is optional for first-time players, guests or those who cannot play at least 3 matches.

Social Media – ソーシャルメディア

Join our Discord Online Chat for daily MTG chat in English and Japanese, and Twitter for event updates Discordオンラインチャットに参加して英語と日本語で毎日MTGのチャットをしたり、Twitterでイベントの更新情報を得ることができます。 Discord: https://discord.gg/UW94R23 Twitter: Watchwolf-MTG @WatchwolfM Twitter feed is also posted here, at https://watchwolf.net/notices

Clarification Regarding Rule Zero Rule Zero is the recommendation by the EDH (Commander) Rules Committee that players should discuss expectations for deck power, play styles and so forth before playing games together – an obviously-intelligent recommendation.
In our case, those discussions takes place continually, and we discuss, agree and then publish those rules across all our media. When a player pays their entry fee for an event therefore, it is an explicit contract between the organizers and them as players: i) the organizers agree to apply the rules as previously discussed, agreed and published ii) the players in turn agree to abide by the rules (which they themselves have created)
In the interests of absolute fairness to all competitors therefore, there is no scope for changing any rule or administrative process during an event – however much better that might seem on the day! Instead, players are encouraged to discuss any shortcomings after the event so that new rules and processes can be established for next time.
TL;DR: we will not deviate from the published rules during an event, thank you.
ルールゼロに関する説明 ルール・ゼロ」とは、EDH(コマンダー)ルール委員会が提唱する、ゲームをプレイする前にプレイヤー同士がゲームに対する期待を話し合うべきだという価値ある提言です。 プレイヤーがイベントへの参加費を支払った時点で、主催者とプレイヤーとの間に明確な契約が結ばれたことになります。 i) 主催者は、事前に議論し、合意し、公表したルールを適用することに同意する。 ii)プレイヤーは、(プレイヤー自身が作成した)ルールを遵守することに同意する。 したがって、すべての競技者にとって絶対的に公平であるために、イベント中にルールや管理プロセスを変更することはできません(当日はどんなに良いと思われても)。その代わりに、イベント終了後に不足している点をプレイヤー同士で話し合い、次回に向けて新しいルールやプロセスを確立することが推奨されます。 TL;DR: イベント中に公表されたルールから逸脱することはありません。 www.DeepL.com/Translator(無料版)で翻訳しました。

Formal Match Rules (since Feb 2021)

  • Cost:
    • 1 booster pack of Standard-legal cards
    • ¥350
  • Decks
    • Only 1 deck for all matches in the event
    • No sideboard
    • Only 1 ‘Outside the Game’ card
    • You may also use a Companion card with your Commander
    • OTG and Companion cards must be declared before each match
  • Pairing
    • Swiss (non-elimination) pairing
    • Random, best, best, with the following preferences
    • 4 player
    • 3 player
    • 2 player (played as Best of Three in the same time frame)
    • Top tables prefer the maximum match size
    • Late arrivals are paired with the lowest ranked players, in smaller groups if necessary
    • Where groups of players are tied for eligibility, selection from that group is random and may create duplicate pairings
  • Timing
    • Match are all 70′ long
    • The clock is started when the new pairings have been called
    • The active player may finish their turn (if any player believes it will change the match result)
  • Points
    • Win: 3 points; Lose: 0 points; Tie: 1 point each
    • ‘Win’ means to have defeated all opponents ‘Lose’ means to be eliminated before the match ends ‘Tie’ means to be still alive when the match ends
  • Players may join the tournament after it’s begun, but no points for byes are given
  • Prize giving will follow the tournament’s conclusion
フォーマルマッチルール(2021年2月以降 コスト スタンダード・リーガル・カードのブースターパック1個 ¥350 デッキ数 イベントの全試合で1つのデッキのみ使用可能 サイドボードなし ゲーム外」のカードは1枚のみ 司令官と一緒に「仲間」カードを使用することも可能です。 OTGとコンパニオンカードは、各試合の前に宣言する必要があります。 ペアリング スイス式(ノンエリミネーション)ペアリング ランダム、ベスト、ベスト、以下の優先順位で行われます。 4人制 3プレーヤー 2人プレー(同じ時間帯にベスト・オブ・スリーとしてプレーした場合 トップテーブルは最大のマッチサイズを好む 遅れて到着したプレイヤーは、最もランクの低いプレイヤーとペアを組み、必要に応じて小さなグループに分けられます。 参加資格が同点のプレイヤーグループがある場合、そのグループからの選択はランダムとなり、ペアが重複する可能性があります。 試合時間 試合時間はすべて70分です。 新しいペアリングがコールされた時点でクロックが開始されます。 試合は70分ちょうどで突然終了します。 ポイント 勝ち:3ポイント、負け:0ポイント、引き分け:各1ポイント 勝利」とは、すべての対戦相手に勝利したことを意味する 負け」は、試合終了前に敗退したことを意味します。 引き分け」とは、試合終了時にまだ生きていることを意味する。 トーナメントが始まってからの参加も可能です。 賞品の授与はトーナメント終了後に行われる


The prize pool is made up of all the booster packs provided by each players’ entry fee, plus carryovers from previous weeks, then divided by 6ths and awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd places as 3/6, 2/6, 1/6 Where places are tied and the prizes can’t be evenly divided, that week’s carryovers will be added to try to make a divisible number to the advantage of the highest scoring groups. If the packs can’t be made up to a divisible number, they’re carried over. This is repeated for each slot, and again, please note that the formula will not be varied for ad hoc reasons. eg. to provide bonus prizes, or to give away all the packs, etc. etc.

Scoring formula

This is the system we devised in partnership with Hareruya’s Events Team last year. It is intended to discourage individual attacks and ties, and rewards the most ambitious victory in which all other players are defeated. https://www.hareruyamtg.com/en/events/124612/detail

Brawl Format

Brawl is a multiplayer Commander variant using 60-card decks from the Standard format. https://magic.wizards.com/en/game-info/gameplay/formats/brawlhttps://whatsinstandard.com

Cost to play Brawl

The cost of a competitive Brawl deck starts at around $50, with mono-colour decks being the cheapest. As a ‘singleton’ format, it’s very difficult for costs to exceed about $150, so the notorious pay-to-play aspect of MTG is nicely managed. Again, we always have plenty of spare decks for guests, so please join us first, and worry about your deck later!

Covid-19 Precautions

All players are required to comply with the following restrictions, some of which are required by local bye-law, thank you
  • please do not attend if you feel in the least bit unwell in any way
  • disinfect your hands upon entering the building
  • wear a surgical mask for the duration of our games
  • should you need to cough or sneeze normally, please show extra consideration


March 31
18:30 - 22:30
Event Category:


Watchwolf MTG


Hareruya Tournament Centre
3 Chome−12−2, Takadanobaba, Shinjuku City
Tokyo, 169-0075 Japan
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