Infinity Doco

Note that this page is still under construction, thank you.

Most of Corvus Belli’s rulebooks and tournament scenarios are available for free download, listed here.

Official Documentation

There are two rule books for Infinity, the Infinity N3 Rulebook and the Human Sphere N3 Rulebook.

Infinity N3 Rulebook [link to CB resources]

The basic rulebook, required reading for any player and always good to have on hand.

Infinity Human Sphere N3 Rulebook [link to CB resources]

This introduces some important new rules, including most importantly the Fireteam rules. Players will need to refer to both books at some point, but HSN3 is not immediately required by beginning players.

The printed books are better still, highly recommended and available from the Watchwolf Store of course. They come beautifully bound with their Core books containing loads of background info and artwork.

Mission Systems

Infinity 20×20 scenario system by Hendrik ‘Prophet of Doom’.

An excellent mission system generator with clear, easy to follow rules. Simpler and more accessible than Corvus Belli’s own ITS system, it’s the standard game system in use at Studio Watchwolf, and also the scenario system for our Monthly Starter Box Challenge Ladder.