Troop Profile PDFs

This page provides links to PDF lists of troop profiles for the units contained in starter boxes that have been generated by Infinity Army which is Corvus Belli’s official army builder software as re-usable master army lists for those units.

They list each of the units that are packaged in the Starter Boxes, and each of those units’ available troop profiles. Additional profiles have been provided for units commonly purchased together such as the Nomads Reverend Healer bonus model from Operation Ice Storm.

Codes for rebuilding the lists in Infinity Army are also provided so players can regenerate the list as a basis for their own army lists. Copy-paste the entire code into Infinity Army using the ‘Import Army Code’ button at top right.

Index of Troop Profiles

Last update: 5 Apr 2018; see Change Log below

Ariadna Caledonian Highlander Army Starter
Haqqislam Starter
Morat Aggression Force Starter Box
Nomads Starter incl. Operation Ice Storm Reverend Healer
Yu Jing Starter incl. Operation Red Veil Ninja
Yu Jing Imperial Service Starter

Purpose of the Lists

The lists are formatted such that most of them can be printed out as 4 sheets, ideally displayed in two stiff plastic sleeves and re-used by marking the models and the desired profile with small stickers.

Using stickers to identify models
Using stickers to select unit profiles from the re-usable master list

This allows players to easily explore all the profiles of their units and rapidly build army lists from the Starter Sets for small-scale pick-up games, and is the standard method for introducing players to the game at Watchwolf Studio.

(The formatting has therefore been managed to facilitate the information as a master army list – Army Groups are (mis)used to delineate the units, and logical groupings are abused to squeeze all the units on to two sides of A4 paper 🙂


Example of Unit Profiles

Units in the game have static attributes such as Ballistic Skill and Armour, and usually also different profiles that provide different combinations of equipment and Special Skills at different Army list points.

For example, a Nomads Alguacil can take one of 9 profiles which including a Missile Launcher, Hacker and Forward Observer profile, each with different equipment and Special Skills at different Army points and Support Weapons Cost:


Starter Box Lists


Ariadna – Caledonian Highlander Army Starter PDF
Army Code:

Haqqislam – Starter Box

Morat Aggression Force Starter Box
Army Code:

Nomads Starter Box plus Reverend Healer
Army Code:

Yu Jing – Imperial Service Starter PDF





Change Log:

Wed 4 Apr 2018 – improved formatting of Army import codes
Thu 5 Apr 2018 – removed incorrect Morat Aggression Force Starter list; uploaded correct list; improved page copy